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ARMY EXPO 23 Underway In London

Challenger 2 used as a stage for a briefing at ARMY EXPO 23 in London [© Bob Morrison]

ARMY EXPO 23 is an immersive walk-through of a series of scenes taking place on the forecourt of Wellington Barracks in London, reports Bob Morrison.


This year’s ‘By Invitation Only’ ARMY EXPO taking place this week in London is, by the very nature of its urban location, a much smaller event than the British Army’s inaugural expo held last September on Salisbury Plain. That does not mean, however, that it is any less interesting for the military, civil service and defence industry invitees.

UK specification BOXER as a backdrop during a Land Operating Concept briefing [© Bob Morrison]

We were granted the privilege of attending the first walk-throughs, on Tuesday afternoon and evening, where among other exhibits we saw both one of the first UK specification BOXER Mechanised Infantry Vehicles, a REME Fitters variant, and an AJAX. We also officially learned that the First Fusiliers will be the first battalion to receive their new 8×8 BOXER fleet by the end of this year.

There has been lot to take in today, not least because the UK Defence Command Paper Refresh was also published earlier, so please bear with me while I process all that I have gleaned before penning a longer piece on ARMY EXPO 23.

AJAX at ARMY EXPO 23 [© Bob Morrison]


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