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Official 2022 Statistics for UK Armed Forces Equipment

British Army FV510 Warrior operationally deployed in Estonia with the NATO eFP battlegroup in Estonia, May 2021 [© Bob Morrison]

The UK MoD has today released the April 2022 official statistics for armed forces equipment which readers might find of interest.


Extracts from: Annual statistics on vessels, land equipment and aircraft of the armed forces, and military formations ~ published by UK MoD on 29 September 2022:-

  • Land Equipment: There were 3,640 pieces of Combat Equipment as at 1 April 2022, a reduction of 345 platforms since 2021. This largely due to Husky platforms being defielded. There are currently 21 AJAX platforms in operation in the UK Armed forces.
  • Protected Mobility Vehicles made up the largest (42%) proportion of land combat equipment. Most Combat Equipment Platforms at 1 April 2022 were Protected Mobility Vehicles (42%), with Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Armoured Personnel Carriers making up 31% and 26% respectively. This change from 2021 is due to the number of Husky vehicles which were defielded.
  • The most common types of combat equipment land platforms in the UK armed forces are: Bulldog (APC) – 85; Warrior (AFV) – 721.
  • The UK armed forces had 244 Artillery and 148 Engineering Equipment pieces at 1 April 2022.
  • At 1 April 2022, there were 14,358 pieces of Combat Support Equipment in the UK armed forces of which 46% were Landrovers [sic] and 47% were Wheeled Support Vehicles. The decrease in this number since April 2021 is due to a decrease of 147 Landrovers [sic] and 228 Wheeled Support Vehicles.
British Army FV430-series BULLDOG operationally deployed in Estonia with the NATO eFP battlegroup in Estonia, May 2019 [©Bob Morrison]


AJAX prototype at DVD 2018 ~ some wag coined the nickname ‘Invisible Elephant’ for it at DVD 2022
[© Bob Morrison]

Editor’s Comments:-

  • With Husky being “defielded” and thereby no longer listed on the 2022 Combat Equipment List and as Panther CLV was announced as being withdrawn under the 2020 Land Environment Fleet Optimisation Plan or LEFOP, WOLFHOUND (reduced from 125 to 91 units) and RIDGBACK (164 still in service out of an original 168) are the only fully armoured 4×4 vehicles showing on the British Army inventory; though a very small number of armoured Land Rovers are probably included in the Combat Support Equipment category total; JLTV was expected to replace Husky and Panther but all appears to have gone ominously quiet on that score.
  • The 21 AJAX family vehicles (now nicknamed the ‘Invisible Elephant’ as not only were there none at DVD 2022 last week but their manufacturer mysteriously dropped off the Exhibitor List shortly beforehand and also no mention was made of the vehicle in official ministerial speeches at the show) listed as being “in operation in the UK armed forces” have not actually reached Initial Operating Capability yet despite billions having been spent on the project to date, so their inclusion is curious.
  • BULLDOG, the 2006 re-engined and upgraded version of the FV430-series tracked vehicle family which entered production 60 years ago this year, and the CVR(T) family vehicles, which entered service over 50 years ago, should both have been replaced early this century; AJAX family vehicles were eventually ordered in 2014 to replace BULLDOG and CVR(T) in most roles.
  • In early 2021 the UK MoD cancelled the WARRIOR Capability Sustainment Programme to upgrade the now 35-year old Infantry Fighting Vehicle and announced it would be replaced in the middle of this decade by BOXER 8×8 but although the number dropped from 767 in April 2021 to 721 in April 2022 an additional battalion has recently transitioned to this ageing tracked vehicle.
  • The total Land Rover fleet (many to be replaced in the future by GSUP) is listed as having been 6,609 in April 2022 and the Wheeled Support Vehicle (i.e. MAN SV) total was given as 6,781.


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