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Op RESCRIPT ~ Handover to DHSC of Mobile Testing Units

Library image from 24 April 2020: Marines from Plymouth based 42 Commando set up a Mobile Testing Unit in Salisbury to conduct COVID 19 tests [Crown Copyright: Cpl Anil Gurung]
Military support to the National Testing Programme will be handed over in coming weeks as the DHSC establishes a long-term plan to deliver Coronavirus tests.


UK MoD News Release, 26 July 2020: Military support to the National Testing Programme will be handed over in coming weeks as the Department for Health and Social Care establishes a long-term plan to deliver Coronavirus tests.

Since April, the world-renowned UK Armed Forces have deployed thousands of personnel at short notice to support Coronavirus Testing. They have worked alongside NHS staff and civilians at both Regional Sites around the country and in Mobile Testing Units, helping to deliver more than 6 million tests.

The Mobile Testing Units played a vital role in helping essential workers, who were most vulnerable to the virus, access tests. The unit was designed by British Army engineers in just 7 days. Since the programme began, more than 2,700 service personnel have run 218 mobile testing units, working nearly 1 million hours to conduct more than 700,000 tests around the country. Now the Armed Forces will train civilian contractors to continue this essential role.

Members of The Band of the Irish Guards assisting and taking part in the handover of Mobile Testing Units to G4S in London ten days ago on 16th July – image issued 26/07 [Crown Copyright: Sgt Donald Todd]

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “Thousands of our Armed Forces personnel – regular, reservists plus supporting civilians – stepped up to serve on the front line in the fight against coronavirus.

“The four month mission of those on the national testing programme helped to carry out more than six million tests, with 218 military Mobile Testing Teams deploying around the country as needed. This is an extraordinary effort.

“As those teams now train civilian contactors to continue the work I want to say a huge thank you to our Armed Forces for doing what they do best and supporting the nation’s resilience in a time of crisis.”

Maj Gen David Eastman MBE, Commander Standing Joint Command (UK),the headquarters who lead the Armed Forces’ response to COVID-19, said: “I am incredibly proud of our servicemen and women who designed and deployed with the Mobile Testing Units across the United Kingdom and provided the public with professional and efficient testing facilities. We are delighted to be able to support and complement the testing centres established by the NHS and will continue to deliver on any request for assistance in the fight against the Coronavirus.”

In Northern Ireland, mobile testing units have been civilian operated from the outset. The handover process has now begun in England, Scotland and Wales.

Statistics showing MTU usage [Crown Copyright]
Statistics showing MTU usage [Crown Copyright]

Key Facts:-

  • Overall the National Testing Programme has conducted 6,211,703 tests at both Regional Testing Sites and Mobile Testing Units (as at 20 July).
  • Military Mobile Testing Units have deployed 8,327 times, working 99,924 days or 999,240 hours, conducting 739,821 tests.
  • 2,784 service personnel delivered 218 Mobile Testing Units with a daily testing capacity of 87,200 (as at 13 July).

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