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Retail Outlets In England Are Reopening

This week many ‘non-essential’ retail outlets in England are reopening their doors to the public after almost three months compulsory COVID-19 Lockdown.


Throughout the enforced pandemic lockdown almost all of our advertisers and sponsors were able to continue to offer an online service to customers, though of course their shops had to remain closed to the public to both protect their workforce and help reduce the spread of the virus.

With effect from Monday 15th June those advertisers with retail shop outlets in England (Northern, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have different rules) are able to open their doors again, albeit with some changes and restrictions in place to ensure staff safety and to maintain social distancing. We have spoken to the owners of the following shops and all have confirmed they will be reopening next week but they ask customers to please telephone ahead for an appointment if at all possible – click on the name for a link to their websites where phone numbers are listed:-

Please bear in mind that these shops have comparatively limited floorspace and will not be able to admit groups. That said, exceptions can be made for troops / recruits in training or on courses who are in shared accommodation and therefore deemed by MoD to be living in a ‘family bubble’.

During the lockdown period many have relied more on online purchases than retail shop outlets, and of course buying online does have some advantages, but don’t forget that often you cannot really beat physically comparing different types of kit for suitability, and sometimes for size too. The ‘bricks & mortar’ retail shops offer levels of service and advice that t’internet can seldom match so please help our friends in the trade to bounce back as fast as possible. We would miss them if they weren’t there.

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