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Jankel Supporting PPE Component Production

Jankel is supporting their supply chain, including the sourcing of and funding for the materials required to produce PPE, in the global fight to beat COVID-19.


Press Release, Weybridge, 21 April 2020: Jankel, a world-leader in the design and manufacture of highly specialised defence, security and NGO protection systems, is providing support to one of their suppliers, Vector 3D, who are 3D printing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) components to protect the NHS and other key workers. Jankel’s contribution includes the sourcing of and funding for the materials required to print the components.

Jankel’s partner in this venture, Vector 3D, are printing PPE components using an open source face shield design from Czech company, Prusa Research, developed in collaboration with the Czech Ministry of Health . The face shield is made up of 4 parts: a 3D printed head and chin piece; a clear visor which is typically laser-cut and an elastic band for adjustability. Vector 3D’s focus has been on printing the face shield frames with over 300 produced so far and an ongoing daily production capacity of 15-20 sets. The finished shields are Intended for use by medical professionals and other exposed key workers, throughout the West Sussex area and are provided without charge.

3D Printed PPE Components [© Jankel]

Andrew Jankel, Chairman of Jankel Group said: “we’re exceedingly proud that we are able to contribute in this way, supporting our skilled supply chain as they re-purpose their capabilities to help in the global fight against COVID-19”. He added: “as I think we all know, PPE is a vital resource needed in large quantities by the NHS and other key workers. We at Jankel sincerely thank the NHS and everyone else who is putting themselves at risk to help others in these difficult times. We wish everyone the very best. Stay safe”.

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