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Expo Report ~ 3CDSE 2019

EZRaider Electric-powered Mobility Platform [©BM]
Yesterday JOINT-FORCES.com was privileged to attend the specialist Three Counties Defence and Security Expo (3CDSE 2019) held just outside Great Malvern, writes Bob Morrison.


This low key but highly focussed specialist conference and exhibition, now in its third year, was held in the heart of the ‘Golden Triangle’ of the UK’s Defence and Security industries at the Three Counties Showground in Worcestershire, just over the county borders of neighbouring Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.

Revision’s new CAIMAN HYBRID Advanced Lightweight Helmet System with flexing mandible guard [©BM]

On Tuesday the Ministry of Defence held an Industry Day at 3CDSE with the focus being on Special Projects, but as this was a Classified event the media were naturally not invited. However yesterday, Wednesday 17th, a small number of primarily defence and security industry specialist journalists were granted access to both the exhibition and presentations, albeit on the strict understanding that photography and video recording of personnel and equipment on display would only be possible with the express permission of the exhibitors.

The 3CDSE theme this year was Innovation, with specific focus on:-

  • Drones and Counter-UAV technology
  • Secure Communications and
  • Cyber Security

Of course much of the equipment in these specialist areas is quite sensitive, so although we were given background briefs on certain new developments we cannot really go into much detail on this widely viewed website. However some of the non-sensitive kit on display is certainly worthy of a closer look.

Prometheus Lacuna Rapid Access Medical Bergen [©BM]

In addition to visits to the exhibition stands of a number of our Sponsors (Arnold Defense, Keela, Spectra Group, Tasmanian Tiger) for latest updates on their products and services, 3CDSE 2019 also gave us the chance to see, and be briefed on, some innovative new specialist solutions being proposed for the UK defence and security sectors. Three products that specifically caught my attention were the EZRaider Electric-powered Mobility Platform, the Prometheus Lacuna Rapid Access Medical Bergen and the Revision CAIMAN HYBRID mission-modular helmet system. I intend to bring readers up to speed with these three in separate articles in the, hopefully, not too distant future.

[ images © Bob Morrison ]

Arnold Defense FLETCHER 70mm Laser Guided Rocket quadruple launcher pod on ground mount [©BM]
The Keela compact military roadshow display stand [©BM]
Some of the less sensitive equipment on the Spectra Group stand [©BM]
The Tasmanian Tiger stand at 3CDSE [©BM]

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