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TROJAN FOOTPRINT 21 ~ Balkans and Black Sea SpecOps

A Romanian Special Forces soldier and a US Army Green Beret assigned to 10th Special Forces Group clear an objective during Exercise TROJAN FOOTPRINT in Romania, 09 May 2021 [US Army: Sgt. Patrik Orcutt]

SpecOps Forces from US and Allied Nations have trained together during Exercise TROJAN FOOTPRINT 21 in the Balkans and Black Sea Region.


TROJAN FOOTPRINT 21 was US Special Operations Command Europe’s annual exercise to demonstrate proficiencies, to assess the readiness and lethality of respective forces, and to continue improving interoperability with allies and partners.

In this NATO Multimedia video released yesterday, May 20th, Special Operations Forces from the United States and North Macedonia deployed TROJAN FOOTPRINT 21 trained together. during Exercise, an annual special operations drill held by US Special Operations Command Europe.

US and North Macedonian Special Operations training during Exercise TROJAN FOOTPRINT [NATO Multimedia video]

Held in Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, North Macedonia and Romania from 2 to 14 May, TROJAN FOOTPRINT 21 aimed to increase interoperability between NATO and partner Special Operations Forces through a series of intense scenarios. In North Macedonia, members of the Special Operations Battalion – nicknamed ‘The Wolves’ – worked with US Army Green Berets on close-quarters battle tactics before undertaking a simulated mission. Footage includes shots of SOF operators training in close-quarters battle, loading onto helicopters, patrolling through a training area and conducting a simulated raid.

In the accompanying still images Romanian and Ukrainian Special Forces soldiers along with US Army Green Berets assigned to 10th Special Forces Group rappelled and fast-roped from Romanian IAR 330 SOCAT helicopters to clear a target objective before exfiltrating by vehicle. The photos were taken by US Army Sgt. Patrik Orcutt in Romania on 09 May during TROJAN FOOTPRINT 21.

¤ COVID-19 safeguards were taken prior to deployment for the exercise and participants observed social distancing where training requirements allowed.

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