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Defenture Delivers GRF LAUF 20 To Armasuisse

Defenture GRF LAUF 20 [©Defenture: Gerard van Oosbree]

Dutch specialist manufacturer Defenture has announced recent delivery of a GRF LAUF 20 prototype to the Armasuisse defence procurement agency.


Press Release, Tiel, 01 March 2021: Armasuisse, the Federal Agency for Defence Procurement in Switzerland, took delivery of a Defenture GRF prototype vehicle on the 3th of February 2021.

The prototype vehicle, called LAUF 20, is based on the GRF vehicle previously delivered to the Dutch Special Forces. This vehicle is characterised by a number of specific technical customer requirements, which were developed and implemented in just a few months through decisive and flexible action by the Defenture team. The GRF platform offers the possibility to implement these developments in a short period of time. Part of the development was the integration of various client communication devices. This integration was carried out entirely by Defenture.

Defenture GRF LAUF 20 [©Defenture: Gerard van Oosbree]

With the delivery of the LAUF 20 to a high-quality focused customer like Armasuisse, the first international delivery contract is a fact for Defenture. The prototype vehicle will be extensively tested over the coming months to meet the functional requirements set by the customer. The aim of these tests is to determine the final configuration in order to be able to place a follow-up order for additional LAUF 20 vehicles with Defenture. This will enable the Swiss Army to be provided with a high-quality light tactical vehicle.

Defenture places high demands on mobility, safety, payload, modular design and also focuses on the lowest possible lifecycle costs. These requirements are combined and integrated at every stage of the design of our vehicles. Defenture vehicles are built from the ground up to be mission-winning assets. A strong lightweight design, impressive construction techniques and dynamic driving characteristics create improved mobility for troops and specialists.

In this challenging project, partly due to the restrictions related to the COVID pandemic, Defenture was able to deliver the vehicle on time, according to the requirements, to the great satisfaction of the customer.

Defenture VECTOR as used by Dutch Special Forces [©Bob Morrison]
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