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BAE Systems To Develop Autonomous Network Technology

[illustration © BAE Systems]

BAE Systems is to develop autonomous network technology for multi-domain military missions as part of the MINC programme.


Press Release, 05 May 2022: BAE Systems has received a $24 million contract from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop software that autonomously configures tactical networks for mission-critical communications as part of the Mission-Integrated Network Control (MINC) programme.

Reliable data and communications networks are critical in modern warfare. Currently, no capability exists to dynamically control interconnected networks and ensure that warfighters can communicate across domains in contested environments. The MINC programme seeks to build and demonstrate an integrated, advanced capability that creates a secure communications network to support multi-domain operations. Under the terms of the contract, BAE Systems’ FAST Labs research and development organisation will develop the algorithms and software to anticipate, configure, and control available resources to optimise the flow of information.

“In today’s highly congested and contested environments, secure and adaptable multi-domain communications have never been more important,” said Brian Decleene, chief scientist at BAE Systems’ FAST Labs. “Recent research advances in networking, autonomy, and mission planning offers a unique opportunity for real-time control of the tactical network based on the mission and evolving operating environment. As a result of this programme, we’ll enable the operator to deliver the right information to the right user at the right time across multiple domains and improve mission outcome.”

BAE Systems’ work on this programme leverages its robust networking, communications, and autonomy portfolios, including work on multi-domain programmes such as Dynamic Network Adaptation for Mission Optimisation, Resilient Synchronised Planning and Assessment for the Contested Environment, and Adapting Cross-Domain Kill-Webs.


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