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BAE Systems Mission Data Framework For SSC

[image © BAE Systems]

BAE Systems is to develop the mission data framework for the United States Space Systems Command (SSC) EM&C under a prototype contract.


Press Release, 06 April 2022: BAE Systems will develop the mission data framework for Space Systems Command’s Enterprise Management and Control (EM&C) system. Under the prototype contract, BAE Systems will create an integrated data management environment, connecting interoperable sources to support fusion and discovery of data, minimise disruptions, deliver near real-time status of assets, and provide curated data for mission needs.

During a year-long development period, BAE Systems will perform four demonstrations. The demonstrations will show improved situational awareness for global satellite communications, or SATCOM, and underscore how the framework allows warfighters to rapidly respond to end users in contested, degraded, and operationally challenged environments.

“Our team is ready to provide the flexible data architecture and foundation required to build a resilient, responsive, and integrated SATCOM data environment,” said Ron Zuccaro, director of Resilient Ground Systems at BAE Systems. “Our cyber-resilient ground systems automate decision-making and integrate intelligence data from disparate sources.”

BAE Systems’ cloud computing suite integrates data sources and applications into a platform in which information flows through data services that act as the working memory of the EM&C system. This core data framework connects previously disparate data sources for mission operators and accelerates the ability for future mission-critical applications to be developed.

The Space Systems Command mission is to provide real-time global access to resilient and sustainable SATCOM capabilities for joint operations warfighters. EM&C enables resilient, uninterrupted satellite communications with the ability to rapidly plan, allocate, monitor, detect, locate, assess, and resolve issues to improve situational awareness and overall mission effectiveness.

Ground processing is a critical component of the overall space landscape, and combined with on-board processing capabilities, BAE Systems’ technology makes missions more effective. The company’s products increase the ability for on-orbit, real-time interaction and decision-making.


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