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Ussen Titanium Knife Fork and Spoon

Showing here all three items of the Ussen KFS set ~ from top: Folded Knife; Ready to Use and Locked Out Fork; and Opened Not Locked Spoon [©MG]

This Titanium Knife, Fork and Spoon set is a new line from Ussen Outdoors, the (primarily) thermal underwear brand based in Skipton, writes Mike Gormley.


Weight and space are often something we need to be very conscious of when carrying all of our kit on our travels. Here Ussen has addressed both of these aspects in their new-to-market Knife, Fork and Spoon (KFS) utensils range.

For size reference ~ when folded all three KFS utensils fit easily into my hand [©MG]

Made from Titanium these utensils are strong as well as being light so you can expect them to last for a long time. All fold in half to save valued space so are likely to stow into other items of your gear. Although these are designed to click into place when opened out, they also have a small sliding locking device so make sure they do not fold up at a crucial moment.

The three KFS utensils folded showing the minimalist spring-loaded handles [©MG]

Quite small, but a lot sturdier than those often low quality plastic KFS sets included in ration packs, these utensils are sold individually but I suspect most will buy them as a trio.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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