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WRITE WET Notepads ~ From BCB

Large and small 50-sheet Write Wet notepads from BCB International [©BM]

WRITE WET Notepads are another new line introduced by Cardiff-based BCB International which we spotted being showcased recently at IDEX in Abu Dhabi, writes Bob Morrison.


No doubt many readers will have used notebooks which allow them to write in wet conditions, and WRITE WET (a BCB Registered Trademark) are in most ways pretty similar, though where these new pads differ is that the sheets feel much more like paper and less like smooth plastic than a lot of the competition.


I brought two of the new spiral bound notepads back from the Emirates with me – one 115x85mm which fits nicely in my tactical shirt chest pocket, and the other 210x140mm which I carry in my camera bag – and have now been using them for close on a month. Both have proved to be very handy and indeed as I head out to Seville for a factory visit with Iturri I am taking them with me. Although designed to allow the user to write in damp and wet conditions, they function just as well in the dry.


Notepads each have a 9-liner aide memoire and larger pad has conversion data plus edge rulers on cover – both also have a pencil loop [©BM]

Each notepad, the small one is bound at the top and the larger I bound down the left long side, contains 50 sheets of paper, ruled on both side; spacing is 8mm, verified courtesy of the centimetre (or inch) rulers on the long side of the tough covers. Both pads have 9-line aides-mémoire on one of their covers and the larger pad has both useful conversion factors and international dialling codes & time differences on the inner covers. There are also tape loops for pencil and an elasticated closure strap on the larger pad.


Close-up showing how easy it is to write with a pencil in a blob of water [©BM]

To test that the paper really does work when wet I tipped half a teaspoon of water onto the large pad, let it soak for a couple of minutes and then wrote on it with a pencil. No problem was encountered on this rudimentary test. Ballpoint pen and crayon can also be used in the wet, but to avoid ink smudging it is probably best to use a soft pencil.


At time of writing WRITE WET is such a new line that it is not yet up on the bcbin.com website, but first stocks are on their way to several of the military supply shops and outdoor gear outlets which stock BCB products. We will update this page with a hyperlink once they are available through BCB’s e-commerce site.

[ images © Bob Morrison ]

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