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Manker Torches ~ from Heinnie Haynes

Heinnie Haynes, the kit suppliers based in Barry in South Wales, are now stocking a number of excellent torches from Manker.


When on assignment I usually carry a small, bright pocket torch in my main luggage and a penlight in my daysack/camera bag, so when asked which models I would like to test I opted for the stubby single cell Manker E11 EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight and the slim Manker PL21 Penlight. Both are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium alloy and have an anodised black tactical finish.

The E11 flashlight comes with a powerful lithium battery, belt clip and wrist lanyard [© BM]

These Manker LED torches are incredibly bright for such tiny packages with the E11 pushing out 800 lumens on its brightest setting, using the supplied 14500 lithium battery; should this run out of juice, an ordinary AA battery can also be used – a very handy feature if battery charging is not an option. The PL21 is not quite so bright, though as it is a penlight one would not expect it to be, but it can still generate 200 lumens on two ordinary AAA batteries (not supplied).



The PL21 takes 2x AAA batteries – these are ReCyko rechargeables from GP [© BM]

Standard method of operation for both is a push button; click once to turn on and hold down to switch off. The E11 starts on the lowest light level and can be increased through three brighter levels by rapidly depressing the button. Rapidly double-clicking when at the brightest level switches cycles the beam through Fast Strobe, SOS and Flashing Beacon modes; very handy for emergency situations. The PL21 cycles through three light levels when the button is rapidly clicked once the torch is on.


The amount of light these little torches can generate is amazing [© BM]

A spare O-ring is included with each torch (stow these somewhere safe – I keep O-rings in the sewing kit which travels everywhere with me) and the E11 is supplied with both a pocket clip and a wrist lanyard with push button adjuster. Weights are just 29g and 39g (plus batteries) but though lightweight these torches are very robust.

To buy online or just read more about specifications etc. click on these E11 and PL21 web links or to see the full range of lights Heinnie Haynes offer go to Heinnie.com/lighting

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