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Canadian and Slovenian Soldiers Swap Rations

Slovenian and Canadian rations swap [© NATO Multimedia]

Watch a Slovenian soldier try a spicy sauce popular in North America for the first time as she swaps rations with a Canadian NATO colleague.


Fancy some Tabasco with that? Fire!

Every army in NATO has its own field ration, commonly known as MREs (meals-ready-to-eat). While perhaps not the height of culinary expression, these rations give soldiers the calories they need to power through a hard day in the field. From Ally to Ally, their contents differ in small, interesting ways.

In this recently released NATO Multimedia video, filmed at Ādaži in July, watch a Canadian and Slovenian soldier swap their ration packs at NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Latvia. There’s a lot of beef on the menu, from jerky to goulash and ravioli, with some Tabasco sauce on offer for that extra heat!

[© NATO Multimedia]

The multinational battlegroup in Latvia is led by Canada and has troops from ten other Allied countries, including Albania, Czechia, Iceland, Italy, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. Our participants are Canadian Army Master Corporal Michael Vernon and Slovenian Army Private Teja Tropan.


¤ Editor’s footnote: If all runs to plan our next field ration review should be a Canadian Individual Meal Pack (IMP 20) Menu #10, proffed by Carl during KEVADTORM 2023 in Estonia.

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