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Veterans Day Memorial In Tapa

Veterans Day memorial service at Tapa, 23 April 2021

A memorial service was held today on the Tapa campus of the Estonian Defence Forces in front of a statue returned from Afghanistan.


Press Release, Tallinn, 23 April 2021: [auto-translated] On the Tapa campus of the Defence Forces, comrades in the Defence Forces were commemorated. The ceremony took place at a statue from Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

The Minister of Defence, Deputy Commander of the Defence Forces, Commander of the Defence League, Commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade, Representative of the Estonian Defence Forces Veterans’ Association, Speaker of the Riigikogu, Commanding Officer of the President of the Republic, Diplomatic Corps and Tapa Municipality and Commander of the Allied Battle Group participated in the event.

Today, April 23, Veterans Day is celebrated in Estonia to recognise veterans of the Defence Forces and the Defence League and to commemorate fallen combatants.

© Estonian Defence Force


Editor’s Footnote: The lead image on this page is a screengrab from the live video feed of this morning’s ceremony at Tapa, which we watched. Representatives of the British-led eFP Battle Group in Estonia also participated in the memorial parade and laid a wreath of poppies. Nine Estonian troops, serving alongside the British contingent in Helmand Province, gave their lives in Afghanistan.

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