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MLR Pt.10 ~ NATO Defenders In Norway

Most regular readers of this section will be aware that production of new Land Rover Defenders ended in 2016 but that does not mean they have been relegated to rear echelons, writes Bob Morrison.


When covering the massive NATO Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018 (TRJE18) in Norway at the start of November we made sure we documented military specification Land Rover Defenders in the field, where they were undertaking various command, liaison, utility, recce, manoeuvre support and medical roles. Not only was Britain’s 4th Infantry Brigade, reconfigured with attached Danish and Polish formations as 4 [UK] Multi-National Brigade, using both the Defender TUM 110HS ‘Wolf’ and Defender 130 ‘Pulse’ models, but Poland’s Military Police (Żandarmeria Wojskowa) and French Army logistic units also deployed militarised Core Model Defender 110 Station Wagons for specialist duties.


With the recent introduction for combat operations of various armoured 4×4 vehicles, usually weighing two to three times the laden weight of a conventional Land Rover, many commentators have said the days of the Defender in military service are over. In reality, it is highly likely that many of the current roughly 20 year old UK fleet will see 30 years of service before being cast and reborn onto the civilian scene.


In due course we intend to produce a series of articles on all models featured on this page, not just in Norway but also in recent service elsewhere.


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{ images © Bob Morrison }

The majority of Defender 110 Wolf Land Rovers in Norway for TRJE18 were hard tops [©BM]

The Defender 130 ‘Pulse’ Battle Field Ambulance was also very much in evidence on TRJE18 [©BM]

The Royal Irish Regiment used the D110 R-WMIK+ variant in recce and manoeuvre support roles [©BM]

A brace of French Army D110 Station Wagons used for armoured convoy escort duties in Norway [©BM]

The distinctive high roof of this D110 Station Wagon immediately identifies it as belonging to Polish Military Police [©BM]

Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment command post D110 Wolf hard top Land Rovers with BOWMAN communications [©BM]



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