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Military Land Rover Features ~ Index 3

Lithuanian Defender 110 Soft Top, Exercise IRON WOLF 17 [©Bob Morrison]
These pages were created to give viewers an index to past Military Land Rover Features – click an image to open the article in a new window.


The article links are posted in batches of 12 and in roughly chronological order, from top to bottom, with the most recent post last. To prevent viewers having to scroll endlessly, and for ease of viewing on mobile devices, smaller images than usual have been displayed on this Index page.

¤ Be aware that not every article in the Military Land Rovers section is indexed here. In addition to conventional military vehicles, this section includes some armoured Police / Gendarmerie vehicles as this category of light protected 4×4 has its origins in the Shorland armoured patrol car conceived in the 1960s by a Royal Ulster Constabulary vehicle workshop team.

MLR Pt.25 ~ Dutch Marines WMIK Defenders
MLR26 ~ Short Brothers APV and Otokar ZPT
MLR27 ~ Otokar Zırhlı Personel Taşıyıcı ~ Revisited [©Carl Schulze]
MLR28 ~ Otokar Akrep Armoured Patrol Car
MLR29 ~ Otokar Defender Ambulance
[© Otokar]
MLR 30 ~ Lithuanian Army Defenders
MLR31 ~ LITHSOF WMIK Defenders
MLR32 ~ Amphibious Task Group Range Rovers [© Carl Schulze]
MLR 33 ~ Czech KAJMAN D130 RDV
MLR 34 ~ Czech Army Defenders Part 1
MLR 35 ~ Czech Army Defenders Part 2
MLR 36 ~ Czech Army Defenders Part 3

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