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Helly Hansen Daybreaker Fleece

On a sunny but cold day the Helly Hansen Daybreaker Fleece could be worn either as a standalone top or in conjunction with an outer jacket [© Jean Gormley]

Helly Hansen, as ever, are able to keep us warm on those colder day with this Daybreaker ½ Zip Fleece, writes Mike Gormley.


This is the first garment into this Gormley’s Gear section from a selection of kit from Helly Hansen I have recently been evaluating. I have been using this Daybreaker Fleece a lot as it is one of those multi-use general purpose items that you can reach for just before embarking on those more serious days out, as well as if only knocking about around home or about town. It is made from largely recycled polyester super-soft Polartec fleece and has a really nice feel, so even putting it on gives you that warm feeling.

The HH Daybreaker works very well in unison with the HH Tromsoe Jacket ~ note the collar zipped up here to provide extra protection [©JG]

As well as wearing it about home / office during the recent bout of cold weather ~ the thermometer almost reached double figures below zero this week in Devon ~ I took it on a really great, if rather cold, day out on Dartmoor where it proved its worth as a mid-layer along with my HH Tromsoe Jacket (which will appear in my next GG review). The neck can be zipped up into a well-fitting, but importantly comfortable, wind stopper.

Seen here on a chilly coastal path walk ~ note how the Daybreaker collar can be zipped up in conjunction with the top layer, this time the HH Tromsoe [©JG]

The Daybreaker is well-named as it is a good one for the first-on garment in the mornings if a bit chilly, and it is likely to stay with you throughout the day. A great all-round garment, no mistake, and now packed and ready for a weekend away walking as I write this. The colour of this fleece is Concrete, but there are over a dozen other shades to choose from including Olive Green, Navy and Black.

When in use as a standalone top the neck zips up very well and it is, importantly, very comfortable to wear like this without limiting movement [©JG]

[images © Jean Gormley]


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