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The new LOWA BREACHER boots in a classic situation where good grip is essential on wet and moss covered stones during a river crossing [©JG]

As ever, LOWA have in their new BREACHER S MID model produced a sure-footed and very comfortable mission boot, writes Mike Gormley.


Putting these boots on for the very first time was like pulling on cosy well-fitting gloves. I am sure if I had to attempt a 20-miler on the first use, my feet would have been fine.

New and unused ~ the BREACHER boots have some very good features including the cuffing (collar) around the top of the boot which is very protective and offers good comfort [©MG]

For me, LOWA boots always have the ‘easy to pull on’ ability which is both a nice to have feature and a practical one if you need to get them on in a rush. I also find that somehow in the design of LOWA footwear the lacing system, if you can call it that, is always easy to use and you can just pull up the laces with minimal faff. The BREACHER is a new boot in the LOWA collection and as follow-up to my ZEPHYR boots they have a reputation to keep up to; but on my first outing they were off to a good start. Since then, the BREACHERS have been on my feet a great deal for both local walks and out on the likes of Dartmoor and coastal paths in the south-west.

This model, to give it its full designation the LOWA BREACHER S MID – Coyote OP Boot, is part of a family of mission boots in the BREACHER range. These Coyote Tan ones are the non-membrane ‘desert’ model but a Gore-Tex (GTX) version in other colours is available if required. This said I have plodded through a fair bit of water in these and they have kept it on the outside… until it went over the top!

The big difference I have noticed with these is the grip afforded by the Vibram Vanguard soles compared to the ZEPHYR boots, with X-Trac soles, which I have had for some time. This grip is especially noticeable on damp or wet stone and rocks, such as river crossing and damp coast paths. I really like the ZEPHYR, but I felt it was let down a bit in the wet by the soles. So the BREACHER in my view addresses this important aspect.

This is the situation where for me previously my ZEPHYR soles were sometimes not so good but those of the BREACHER are a significant improvement [©JG]

The uppers of the BREACHER are a combination of suede and Cordura so robust and no doubt long-lasting even with a tough life. Excellent padding around the ankles makes these both comfortable and protective of that important area. I have not had a pair of LOWA boots yet which I did not like and these are right in there, as are the other model I now have and will review in due course.

The LOWA BREACHER is now available for private purchase in the UK, in a wide range of sizes in both Coyote OP and Black, and should be available in UK MoD Brown from December.

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley]


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