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Helly Hansen Headgear

Jean wearing her cosy, and lady-like, white Helly Hansen Sea Gear Beanie [© Mike Gormley]

Helly Hansen have a wide range of headgear, including caps and beanies, suitable for many different occasions, writes Mike Gormley.


Over the past few weeks you might have noticed a number of headgear items with Helly Hansen’s HH logos cropping up in my reviews, so I thought I would briefly highlight these on their own because they are proving to be rather good.

The HH Fleece Lined Mountain Beanie, available in Black or Slate, is a very comfortable item of headgear for cold days [©JG]

Over recent quite wintery weeks my ‘go to’ hat has been the HH Fleece Lined Mountain Beanie. I have quite a few hats to cater for most conditions and I have to say this has proved a good one on a cold winter’s day. It is of classic beanie shape but, importantly, it also has a cosy fleece lining. It can be pulled down to cover the ears or part folded up in the classic style. I am sure you will notice me wearing this again in reviews to come. Jean has a white, and possibly more ladylike, HH Sea Gear Beanie. This is also very cosy but it does not have a fleece lining and is of a more classic style; HH say the design is retro-inspired by their old Sea Gear logo.

Jean making good use of her white HH Crew Cap on a sunny Dartmoor day [©MG]

When the sun comes out and we need a bit of eye shade and less warmth we have both been using HH Crew Caps. These are, again, of classic design but have the quality associated with the Helly Hansen brand so are good to wear and, importantly, the peak is a ridged one and so does what it should even if the wind is blowing. Spring is on its way, with the sun having crossed into the Northern Hemisphere earlier this week, so we should be making a lot more use of these soon… I hope!

The HH Crew Cap is also available in blue and black to suit all needs [©JG]

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley]


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