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Trekmates Silk Liner Gloves

Silk liner gloves prove their worth when thicker mitts or gloves need to be temporarily taken off to carry out more dextrous tasks [© MG]

Trekmates let the magic of silk keep your hands warm with these lightweight natural silk liner or inner gloves, writes Mike Gormley.


As we probably all know, silk has a certain magic when it comes to keeping us warm. It has been a well-known and renowned material and fabric for millennia.

The Trekmates Silk Liner Gloves ~ back of hand and palm sides [© MG]

These Trekmates liner gloves are made from 100% natural silk so suffice to say they will have all the benefits of this legendary material. Perhaps better thought of for use in smart shirts and posh dresses, silk is a really good material for the likes of gloves. As a Liner Glove the silk provides warm and smooth comfort if this in general is supported by an outer more robust glove or mitt to take the knocks. These gloves could be used as a ‘stand-alone’, but only really for light duty or for when you need the dexterity but also some protection against the cold. As these are close-fitting and thin, they allow you to do those things which are tricky when wearing normally bulky gloves.

These silk liner gloves from Trekmates look more basic than they are in reality [© MG]

As silk is smooth and slides easily it makes replacing the outer gloves easier. We all know how hard it can be getting a glove back on after having to replace it if doing a more delicate task where your hand gets wet. Four sizes (S, M, L and XL) are produced to cover a broad range of hand sizes.

These liner gloves have low profile seams and polyamide cuff construction [© Trekmates]

We have teamed these Silk Liner Gloves from Trekmates with their Matterhorn GTX Mitts, which we will look at next.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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