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Rumpl Original Puffy Blankets

The Rumpl Puffy Blanket in its supplied and matching stuff sack [© MG]

Rumpl Original Puffy Blankets ~ for such a fundamentally simple item of gear these have a load of potential uses, writes Mike Gormley.


Get ready to Rumpl ! These are just great and in my mind have a load of potential uses for such a fundamentally simple item of gear.

As the name suggests the Rumpl is a blanket ~ a square shaped item which insulates. But that is the simple description. The example we were given to evaluate is the Woodland Camo version of the Original Puffy Blanket; this all came from a meeting I had with the company at this year’s Outdoor Trade Show and they considered this the most appropriate one for the J-F readership. I must say that once I started to look through the just huge range of colours and schemes I was a bit disappointed. Camo / black seemed a bit ordinary, although indeed appropriate.

The Rumpl Puffy Blanket can be pegged out as an insulated groundsheet ~ and with careful planning a natural pillow can be found [© MG]

Some of the designs that are available, and in particular their ‘back stories’, are great and I began to think where I could hang some of these on the walls. Perhaps a way to insulate my home? But back to practicality.

A couple of the scenic Rumpl Puffy Blanket designs ~ there is also a wide range of geometric patterns
[© Rumpl]

The outer and insulation material is made from polyester ~ the outer 30D ripstop being treated with DWR to help repel water and dirt. The insulation is 3D siliconised hollow fibre. All materials that go to make a Rumpl are, as they say, “100% post-consumer recycled” so certainly doing their bit. The materials principally come for recycled plastic bottles.

Jean having a ‘cosy moment’ as the autumnal day turns a bit chill [© MG]

The blankets are machine-washable when the time comes to give a freshen up. They come in three sizes; Junior, Single (as tested) and Double. The Rumpl I have is a generous size, so I have no problems getting cosy in it. Talking cosy, within seconds of getting under, in or just draping a Rumpl over your knees you feel the warm glow that these provide. So as for applications, at any time you just need to get warmed up a Rumpl will do the job. This may be for a ‘power nap’ or as a throw-over on a chill evening as the temperature drops and you don’t or can’t head inside. Perfect for an evening on the beach, as the Rumpl will repel the sand and damp. If you are into kayaking or paddle boarding a Rumpl is perfect as a throw-over when you have finished and are perhaps a bit damp and chill ~ again being able to resist water sand or dirt.

The Rumpl has a clip so it can be worn as a simple cloak – very effective [© MG]

The Rumpl is also made to be worn as a kind of cloak. There is a cape clip which is taped into two sides. This works well to allow you to wear it ‘hands free’. Each corner also has a loop sewn into it so it can be hung or pegged down as a ground blanket. It can be used to insulate under your sleeping bag or, of course, a Rumpl can be used over your ‘kip sack’ for added warmth. If you are into reducing pack weight and travelling light, one of these might allow you to use a smaller, lighter sleeping bag with a more universal item. The Rumpl comes with its own stuff sack to keep it contained when not in use.

In cloak form the Rumpl stays in place while you move about which can be very handy [© MG]

Now days are turning chill I tend to have mine in the Land Rover as a just in case, and should I come across an accident, what better to throw over a casualty? The way things are going in the UK at the time of writing I think these have a real place in the home. If they can offset the click of the heating switch by an hour or two it wont take long to be fully cost effective. This is a simple, highly versatile and very good item of kit.

They say ‘a watched pot never boils’ but this one did ~ Jean kept warm in the Rumpl as the stew in the Dutch Oven was cooking [© MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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