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Keela Insect Shield Brim Hat

Keela Insect Shield Brim Hat ~ it is adjustable with a pull cord in the crown [©MG]

The Insect Shield Brim Hat is Keela’s answer to head and face protection from both sun and rain as well as from biting insects, writes Mike Gormley.


I really like this hat from Keela. I like the concept of the broad brimmed hat and have worn this style of head cover for many years to protect against both sun and rain.

This hat has proved to be great to wear when on the water where, of course, there is a high possibility of insects bites [©MG]

This version from Keela has the added advantage of being treated with Insect Shield to dissuade those biting things from invading your life when you have better things to concentrate on. Their Brim Hat is made from 100% Cotton and is a robust but very comfortable to wear. It has vents in the sides to allow for air movement around the head. Decision making is simple as it is ‘one size fits all’ and is only available in green. It generally fits well, but has a lockable pull cord to allow for adjustment. There is also an adjustable chin cord, which is handy when the wind gets up or if you are operating in places where it would be difficult to retrieve if blown off. Talking of wind, the brim of this hat is quite ridged so fairly resistant to wind and therefore not too ‘flappy’ when the breeze picks up. All in all a well-designed and very useful item of headgear.

The brim is rigid which makes it quite resistant to wind gusts [©MG]
When not in use it gets folded up and bundled into bag / rucksack / pocket or so on so needs to be resilient to such treatment [©MG]

Insect Shield is a long-lasting treatment added to the material from which garments are made. It is able to remain active after a considerable amount of washing. The active ingredient is permethrin, which is derived from a natural plant-based (chrysanthemum) product and is an effective deterrent to a wide range of insects which not only annoy but can carry potentially dangerous diseases.

This brim hat, here on a Dartmoor walk, is good to wear in most outdoor environments [©JG]

[images © Mike or Jean Gormley]

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