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Smiths 2 Step Adjustable Knife Sharpener

This 2-Step Adjustable Knife Sharpener from Smith's is equally useful in the home, the workshop or outdoors ~ note the hole for a lanyard if required

A knife is little use if it is not sharp ~ the Smith’s 2 Step Adjustable Knife Sharpener will cure that problem as a stroke… or four, writes Mike Gormley.


I have always found it tricky to get a good keen edge on a blade with a stone; a skill I have yet to master. However with the aid of one of these, from Smith’s Sharpening, perhaps I won’t have to.

Giving my well-used and trusty Leatherman OHT a blade work-out

There are a few such devices out there but this one has the advantage of both ceramic rod fine sharpeners as well as a carbide one for more aggressive sharpening. Both the sharpeners can be adjusted to match the angle of the edge on the particular blade you are sharpening at the time. These are click-stopped at 15°, 20° and 25° angles. This will, of course, widen the scope of this blade sharper and allow you to give your blades a more accurate, and therefore better, sharper edge.

The angle of the sharpeners is easy to change by sliding the adjuster to the marked position

The Smith’s 2-Step Adjustable Knife Sharpener is a good and easy to hold shape, not too small and with soft-feel grips on both sides. It is not good to have things slipping around with a blade in your other hand There are also rubber feet on both ends, which also help to keep things secure.

All-in-all a very handy item of gear to have to keep things sharp both around the home and out in the field. The UK distributor is Whitby and Co of Kendal, who as many will know also distribute the Leatherman range.

The Smith’s 2-Step Adjustable Knife Sharpener in its display packaging

[Images © Mike or Jean Gormley]

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