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Sierra Designs Meteor 2-3000 Tent

The Sierra Designs Meteor 2-3000 tent is of free-standing design, is light in weight and is adequately sized for two occupants [©MG]

The Meteor 2-3000 from Sierra Designs is a light two-person tent with two doors that it easy to both pitch and pack away, writes Mike Gormley.


As we break out of Lockdown and look to get going again on our expeditions involving camping it is time to check out suitable tents. I had this chance while tucked away in Cornwall for a few nights.

The porch works well and leaves space to store items and allow access ~ this detail mirrors on both sides [©MG]

This is a great two-man / person, light and very packable tent. Rated at 2.08 kg but lose a few ‘bits’ and it can be reduced to 1.96kg. For a tent that has two entrances and two porches / vestibules I think this is pretty good. I have long since said I would sooner carry a little bit more if it is going to enable me to have a better night’s sleep, and so go into the next day more refreshed, but here you seem to get the best of both worlds. This especially so if out in inclement weather, as it is on the other side of my window as I write this.

The inner is pitched first but as the fabric is connected by simple click-on fixings this is very quick and easy and not like having to feed poles through sleeves ~ note the door and how design is mirrored side-to-side [©MG]
Quite a cunning design of poles/frame give this tent a very upright structure ~ note the pole across the top to adds to this [©MG]

Two porches allow one for storage and one for access, or for both occupants to operate individually and not have to clamber over one an other on those inevitable visits to the bushes during the night. Having two doors and porches also allows one for kit and one for admin, which is a great bonus in poor weather. Or if your camp-mate is a bit grumpy or has smelly feet you can both have your own side.

The pole and guy fixings are good, well thought out and easy to use as are the pegs ~ even the pole bag has a separate section for the pegs ~ all features that add up on that cold and wet night when you are tired and pitching your tent [©MG]
Some of the guy ropes can come together at a single peg simplifying pitching [©MG]

This tent is of free-standing design so it can be moved when assembled, which has great benefits if the wind changes or if you find a lump in the ground in an awkward place and so on. The design allows for reasonably upright walls and so gives good headroom for improved comfort when ‘doing stuff’ on the inside. As I am over six foot, I really appreciate a bit of space in a tent, especially when sharing; base dimensions, excluding the porches, are roughly 2.13×1.3 metres. ‘Tent aerobics’ is not to be recommended after a long day or when trying to get fully geared up when you are about to head out to a wet and windy day.

The inside view looking out to the porch with outer door closed ~ these porches give plenty of space each side for storing kit outside the sleeping area [©MG]

I really like this tent and look forward to getting out to use it again. The South West Coast Path beckons, once some of the ‘grockles’ have headed back home. It seems clear it has been designed by those who go camping themselves and I am sure have been out trying the prototypes to make sure it all works according to design and aspirations. They have even added in a ‘sky view’ feature so you can admire the night stars from within.

The door area gives good access and retains some protection if pitched according to wind direction ~ if this changes you can just use the other side door [©MG]

Ventilation is good and it has a ‘burrito’ style stowage bag. I wish all tents had one of these as they make life just so much easier come pack away time, especially if the tent is wet.

All packed up the Meteor makes a very good backpacking tent ~ also of course ideal for bike, canoe or other forms of transport where space and light weight are important [©MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]

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