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Snugpak Merino Military Socks

These Merino military socks from Snugpak are a good length for most combat or patrol boots but are not too high [©JG]

Long ago I realised that socks are not ‘just’ socks and this is definitely the case with these Merino Military Socks from Snugpak, writes Mike Gormley.


I got these Snugpak Merino Military Socks just as I was heading out into to the Lake District, so perfect timing – though perhaps not obviously great timing as the weather was uncharacteristically very good to hot and on the face of it maybe not so perfect for trying out Merino wool socks. Well, as it turned out, it was near perfect.

The inturned welt at the top of these Snugpak socks intended for soldiers makes them a comfortable fit [©JG]

Prior to this trip, as for many of us, I had not been able to get ‘out on the hill’ for quite some time. But up in The Lakes we got in a few very good and reasonably aggressive walks on quite hot days. These socks proved to be exceptionally comfortable and I wore them for several days without washing. And no, I did not have to leave them outside overnight as Merino has natural anti-bacterial properties.

The heel and toe area of the Snugpak Merino Military Sock is reinforced with Cordura for extra endurance and comfort [©JG]

These socks have quite a selection of materials in their make-up alongside the 30% Merino; 60% Acrylic, 6% Polyamide, 2% Cordura and 2% Lycra Elastane. So someone has done some homework on all this. Whoever it was that came up with it, this is a good combination which for my money works well. These socks have a nice soft feel, even after washing, but are not too thick to make the foot hot. I am sure they will work well in cooler conditions. They certainly feel like they will.

The Snugpak Merino Military Sock labelling as displayed when hanging on the peg [©MG]

To me these Merino Military Socks appear to be really good ‘universal’ everyday socks and are available in Black or Olive, as befits their title, and in two foot sizes.

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley unless noted]

Although marketed as a military boot sock, as it is available in black this Merino sock is also suitable for blue light emergency services personnel [© Snugpak]
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