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Heroclip Medium Gear Clip

The Heroclip Medium in use in ‘hanging’ mode [©MG]

A Heroclip lets you hook and hang your rucksack from a tree, your daysack from a fence or even your stove from a boat cabin roof, writes Mike Gormley.


When looking for items to review I like to discover some of the smaller bits of kit that will make life just that bit easier, safer and less hassle. The Heroclip is one of those. This gadget can find uses both at home and when away. It is light and packs away to a relatively small and, importantly, flat item to stow in a drawer or a Bergen pouch or even a pocket. Clearly it has been well thought out by the designer and works well.

A perfect application here where the Heroclip can be used to hang a stove on a moving boat to keep it level while heating or boiling [©MG]

The Heroclip comes in three sizes; illustrated is the Heroclip Medium (the largest) one with a rated capacity of 27kg. The Heroclip Small has a 22kg rating and the Heroclip Mini 18kg. It would seem the designers have left the way clear to extend the range upwards. There is a range of colours to suit your needs or preference, or to work as ID keeping yours separate separate from those owned by others. Indeed there is even a camo version marketed as the Heroclip Woodland.

The Heroclip in open mode showing the centre 360° swivel, rubber hood and locking clip [©MG]

The Heroclip looks a lot like a climbing carabineer, but is not one. Take Note – it is NOT rated for climbing! These are for hanging things upon, not people. This said, on any expedition you would be hard pressed not to find a non-climbing use for these. Hang your water bottle, your stove if appropriate, your rucksack and your kit that needs to be hung up to dry. Air the sleeping bag, hang the pot plants, hang the bike in the shed…… the list is endless.

In fully folded and flat configuration ~ it can still be used in this carabineer form for many jobs [©MG]

The Heroclip can be used in folded form in clip lock carabineer mode or open as a hanging device which is able to rotate through 360 degrees. The hook part is of a non-slip material. A very worthy item in any pack or for use at home. (Want one, Ed!)

This handy accessory is widely available through many good outdoor kit shops in the UK and the camo Heroclip Woodland in all three sizes can be sourced online from our friends at Whitby & Co of Kendal, who are the distributors.

[images © Mike Gormley]

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