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Keela ViralOff Neck Tube

The Neck Tube, here by Keela with ViralOff treatment, is an easy to wear item as well as offering face cover and protection [©MG]
Keela ViralOff Neck Tube ~ I really do not have to emphasise the need for a face covering in these times we now find ourselves in globally.


We have, perhaps I need to say at last, and maybe somewhat reluctantly, now got used to having our faces covered when out and about away from home and our particular base, or ‘bubble’ as it has become known. To begin with it was quite common to see people out with a simple scarf or neck tube or similar before the ’face mask’ became both the norm and more readily available. Many still do wear an alternative to a face mask, for practically and/or comfort. Industry has also now caught up with demand on face masks, as did the DIY brigade, and we are now into the period of evolution to upgrade and improve these items to get them to be more efficient, better to wear and, importantly, more effective.

As the name suggests this is a very good to wear neck tube or neckwarmer [©MG]

It is this last area that Keela have entered with a timely product. Winter is on its way in the northern hemisphere, so a neck tube is a very good item to have anyway but, importantly, this new one from Keela is treated with ViralOff. This treatment is not a quick fix to protect the wearer from COVID-19, sadly. However, ViralOff will, it is claimed, over a period of two hours reduce 99% of viruses on the covering – so not only keeping the garment generally better and safer to wear, but also reducing the risk to both the wearer or others of passing on CV19 should it get contaminated with this dreaded virus. For many it is not always possible to change one’s face covering all that often and have it washed. So, if your face covering is working to kill off the virus as you wear it, this can only be a good thing.

The Keela Neck Tube has many other uses including as a headscarf, as here, or headover [©MG]

For me, a neck tube is just a handy item to have on you. It keeps your neck warm and stops the draught, damp, snow, dust etc. getting in. It can also work as a face covering which can easily be pulled up over mouth and nose when required – i.e. it is a quick and easy, as well as comfortable, solution. If on top of this it is suitably treated to deal with any viruses and bacteria it just must be a good thing.

The Keela Neck Tube can be used single thickness, or doubled for added protection, and personally I think these garments stay in place better than most face masks I have used; that said, there are definitely good and not so good examples of masks. The Neck Tube is highly versatile and so can be used in many other ways if you like. Keela have gone further with the ViralOff protection treatment and have also added it to a number of other garments in their collection.

All in all, I think these Keela Neck Tubes are a very good and practical solution to a very real need that is not going away any time soon.

ViralOff branding is clearly marked on the Keela Neck Tube for ease of identification [©MG]

Now the technical bit, direct from Polygiene AB of Sweden, the manufacturers of ViralOff.

  • What are the benefits? ViralOff is proven to reduce tested viruses by over 99% on the material in two hours as per international standard ISO18184:2019 (SARS-CoV-2, H3N2, H1N1). When we developed ViralOff, we had two criteria we wanted to fulfil: First, we should be able to show a real antiviral effect that could be tested by a standard test. In that way, our partners can make actual and professional claims. Secondly, this treatment should be applied on products where it is relevant to have an antiviral effect. Today that englobes both products in the care segments, as well as products for the public in environments where we need additional protection.
  • Does it help against all viruses? We have tested the active ingredient against Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS) over the years, and in all cases, we have achieved 99% levels of reduction. What we bring with the ISO18184:2019 is a standard test for the determination of the antiviral activity of textile products in a two-hour timespan, where it has to reduce the virus by 99%, to pass. This test uses viruses of the Influenza A strain, but we can use more and other virus strains as they become available.
  • Can we do any healthcare claims? No, we don’t make any health claims. This is for the protection of the treated product. If, when and how this also is beneficial for the user depends on many other things. For instance, a face mask will never stop viruses from going through it, but we can ensure viruses don’t live in and on it for long. Does this mean in any way that we can say you stay healthy? Of course not. Can we say it is a protection for the mask itself? Yes! And it will make your mask last longer too.

[images © Mike Gormley]

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