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Tilley Reusable Cotton Face Coverings

The Tilley Face Covering (Black version) seen here with my old and faithful Tilley Hat [©JG]
Tilley Endurables, makers of the world-famous Tilley Hat, are now manufacturing a range of reusable cotton face coverings, writes Mike Gormley.


Like them or loathe them we are now becoming accustomed to wearing a face covering or face mask when we are out and about, as often required by law but clearly this is also the sensible and responsible thing to do to help control the spread of COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

We, the general public, have to do it when in public places or whilst travelling but of course so many people have to wear a face covering, of many and varied types, to protect us while going about their day-to-day work. So it annoys me when some people moan they have to wear one and find all those lame excuse why they should not. As is often said, better to wear a simple face covering than a respirator in hospital for several weeks!

What is within in our own control is the choice to have coverings that fit and are comfortable, and I use the plural advisedly, as if you are anything like me you never have one to hand, in the right pocket, or in the vehicle, so you need a few dotted about the place so you don’t get caught out. These masks or face coverings need to fit well. If not, you are more or less wasting your time. Not to mention potentially putting yourself at risk and, of course, all those you come into contact with. There are many sources of masks /covers and, from personal experience, I find some fit and some don’t.

There is even a camo version along with many other colours in the range [©MG]

Tilley Endurables, best known for their world-famous Tilley hats, which I have worn for many years, now produce their version of the face covering. Certainly, the best fitting I have worn; shaped well to form around the face where it counts, with an inbuilt clip to hold it snug around the bridge of the nose. The elastic ear bands are easily adjustable with sliders. The material is double layered cotton and designed so there is a pocket to contain an additional medical grade filter if you so wish.

What is immediately obvious with this Tilley Cotton face Covering is that once on and fitted correctly you are breathing through it, not around it. Tilley make their face covers from leftover materials from their hat production so a neat bit of ‘up-cycling’ as well. If my experience with my Tilley hat has anything to go by these masks will last a very long time, wash after wash. However I really hope it wont be too long before they are relegated to the bottom of a drawer.

There is a range of colours /patterns available and the coverings are supplied in twin packs.

[images © Mike or Jean Gormley]

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