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Keela Heritage Scuffer Trousers

The Scuffers are perfect for days out on the hill - the reinforced backside is good for those rest moments [© Jean Gormley]
The Heritage Scuffer Trousers have the water-resistance and durable properties of the Keela Scuffer but are in colours complementary to their Heritage range, writes Mike Gormley.


When Keela put Heritage in front of a product name I tend to think it may be tailored from Ventile fabric, though not in this case, but they do come in the signature Heritage Green.

Here you can see the pre-formed and double-layered knees [© Jean Gormley]

These Heritage Scuffer Trousers are a fairly new item to expand the Keela range of clothing. I have been using them for a while now, and long enough for my son Angus to give me a heads-up for a Christmas present for him. Not only are these a very comfortable item to wear on a day to day basis but they are perfect for the great outdoors. The Stretch-Tec Advance fabric does what it says and is in fact four-way stretch. This makes these trousers great to wear when you are active, climbing over obstacles, stiles and so on. Well suited to this use, although having quite a light feel, they have reinforced panels on the knees and seat as well as on the inside of the ankle area. They have outside zips at the ankle with an adjuster to keep tight over high boots or wellies. The knees are also pre-shaped for added comfort. There are zipped and mesh-covered vents in both legs if the going gets hot, and there are zipped side pockets which are not so large, though one has an inner zipped security pocket for keys and the like.

The Scuffers have a zipped and adjustable lower leg [© Jean Gormley]

For me I would like to have seen at least one leg pocket for a map or similar, but really I must say I like these trousers very much and wear them a lot. I have found that when out on a chill windy day the breeze is stopped before it gets to the wearer. They also shed water well and I have found on those dank misty days when you tend to get wetter than you think you should, these keep it out. On top of this they dry quickly which is both handy when out and also when you get to wash them.

These Keela Heritage Scuffer Trousers don’t get very far down my trouser drawer.

The Scuffers sit neatly over son Angus’s ALTBERG Malllerstang boots – note the inner ankle protection. [© Mike Gormley]
The zipped vent is very handy on warm days – note also the knee and backside double layers [© Mike Gormley]

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