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The LIFEVENTURE Thermal Mug exposed - with cap disassembled to enable cleaning [©MG]
The LIFEVENTURE Thermal Mug is made from copper coated 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and vacuum insulated to keep drinks hot or cold for several hours, writes Mike Gormley.


Simplicity is no bad thing, especially if you are on your travels and need things to be light and easy to keep clean.

Thermal mugs don’t come much simpler than this one from LIFEVENTURE. It has no drink-through mechanism so less to go wrong, to leak or to keep clean. Slightly shaped to fit the hand, it has no handle so will drop into a pocket or pouch to keep for later, or even while in use and you need to have both hands for the job in hand allowing a grab a wet / brew when you can. Claimed to keep a drink hot for six hours, or cold things cold for twice that, it is quite capable of providing what you require when travelling. The cap is insulated and can be taken apart to clean and the seals comes off to enable them to be cleaned. It also contains a pressure relief valve to prevent that spurt of hot drink when you release the lid.

This 300ml mug, which is available in over 20 colours including Matt Black for tactical use, is made from a double wall of copper coated food grade stainless steel so should last a very long time of hard use.

[images © Mike Gormley]

The LIFEVENTURE Thermal Mug exposed – with cap disassembled to enable cleaning [©MG]

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