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Leatherman Squirt PS4 Multitool

The Squirt PS4 is a fully functional Leatherman but just on a much smaller scale [©MG]
A true Leatherman does not have to completely fill your hand – as the name of this Multitool model perhaps suggests it can also be quite small, writes Mike Gormley.


Referred to as being a ‘key chain mini-tool’, this is really quite a complete Leatherman… but small. For me it has all the essentials of a travel tool; both knife and scissors, which is an upgrade from the earlier Squirt (CS or PS) models that had either/or.

A bonus with the Squirt PS4 is that the pliers are sprung, so much easier to use. Though small, these pliers are proper ones and include a wire cutter. Cleverly, Leatherman have included a flat blade screwdriver as expected but also a combination Flat / Phillips screwdriver blade. There is also a double-sided file, well able to sort out a split nail or a bit of rough metal, and there is a bottle opener as part of the screwdriver. The main 420HC stainless steel knife blade is 1.6 inches or 40.6mm long with a classic drop point. All this is packed into a tool that weighs a mere 1.9 ounces (56gms) and measures only 2.25 inches ( 57.2mm ). As ever with a true Leatherman all the individual items work as expected.

The Squirt P4 is a Leatherman to fit in a handbag, wash bag or on a key ring (fitting included) to take with you wherever you go. Black or Blue versions are available in addition to the Red model illustrated here.

[image © Mike Gormley]

Comparison of the Squirt PS4 with a full size Leatherman Charge to give it some scale [©MG]

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