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GP Discovery CK34 Head Torch

The Discovery CK34 is a lightweight 160 lumen headtorcg with a hinge on the headband plate to allow for elevation adjustment [© MG]
The GP Discovery CK34 160 Lumen Head Torch is an all-weather headlamp, with red LED night-vision mode and ‘ hands-free’ On/Off motion sensor, writes Mike Gormley.


Its that time of year when we reach for our torches more and more. To me a head torch is the default means of personal illumination, as far more handy than a hand-held.

GP Discovery CK34 as seen on the shelf [©MG]

This 160 lumen, dual brightness mode unit is fine. It has a good level of IPX4 water resilience and is light and compact with useful power. It has the added feature of motion sensor activation and a red static and flashing mode LED. It is possible to have the red LEDs on and also activate the motion-sensed white light; perhaps handy if you prefer red but then need white to add to visibility for odd periods. A hand wave across the front activates the white LEDs.

The press buttons are good to use, unlike some. The head unit is adjustable angle and there is a conventional adjustable head band. Powered by three (included) AAA alkaline batteries, it can also accept rechargeables – rechargeable batteries are one area where GP are prominent and both myself and our editor use them through choice.

Less powerful 80 and 100 lumen models are available in the GP Discovery range, and there is also a simple 40 lumen version for the junior expeditionist.

[image © Mike Gormley ]

The Discovery CK34 is lightweight, compact and easy to use [©MG]
This shot clearly shows the different LEDs (white and red) plus motion sensor at top left [©MG]
This shot shows the twin switch buttons – the blue indicator light indicates the motion activation is on [©MG]
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