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Telic Energy Flip Flop Sandals

Just out of the box - you can see here many of the design features on the Telic Energy Flip Flops [©MG]
Telic Energy Flip Flop Sandals are manufactured from anti-bacterial Novalon and have an anatomically correct foot bed contoured to support the arches of the feet, writes Mike Gormley.


I must confess to not being much of a fan of the flip flop as a general concept of footwear in the past. However, these contoured sandals have turned me around.

Unlike many flip flops the heel of the Telic Energy is moulded to form a good support and fit [©MG]

I have been using Telic Dream clogs for a few years and just love them; for me they are right out there on design and especially comfort. These Telic Energy sandals, from the same American company, have moved on a long way from what we tend to think of generically as flip flops. The Energy Flip Flops are just what they say but with the added benefits of the Telic comfort and design. For me they address all the bad things about the flip flop design; they stay on, they are comfortable, they have significant cushioning and they grip both your feet on the inside and the outside world on the sole. Along with these attributes they are extremely light, float and are easy to keep clean and odour free.

This shot shows the form fit design of the American-made Telic Flip Flops [©MG]

I took a pair of these flip flops away on a trip to Greece recently and they were ideal on the beach and strand, as well as around the home. They are so light and packable they are perfect to put in the rucksack for some end of day foot relief if you have spent the day walking, or just out and about on your feet. These are just so far removed from the average flip flop found in the beach shops.

The Telic Energy Flip Flops featured here are Midnight Black but ten different colours are available. Sizes range from UK 3 to UK 13.

[images © Mike Gormley ]

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