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On Test ~ HAIX Black Eagle Nature GTX Mid

Nubuck HAIX Black Eagle Nature GTX Mid (right) alongside all-leather Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 T non-membrane boot [©BM]
Here’s a brief look at the new Nubuck Leather Black Eagle Nature GTX Mid boot from HAIX which we have just taken delivery of for evaluation, writes Bob Morrison.


This Black Eagle Nature, originally publicised as the Cross Nature, mid-height Gore-Tex laminate boot is visually quite similar to both the leather / textile combination Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 N GTX mid/brown and all-leather Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 T mid/brown models but its uppers are wholly constructed from 1.6 to 1.8mm thick Nubuck leather.

Like the Athletic 2.0 version of the Black Eagle, the Nature has additional toe protection not needed on the all-leather Tactical 2.0 model, but unlike both of the other boots it has a conventional tongue and tie lacing rather than closed lacing with a lace pocket. The lining is the three-layer non-insulated Gore-Tex Extended Comfort. In the accompanying photos the left foot boot (the one with green Nubuck tongue and collar) is the Nature GTX and the right foot boot is the older all-leather UK MoD Brown non-membrane Tactical 2.0 version.

Once I have trialled these new HAIX Black Eagle Nature GTX Mid boots for a few days I will get back to you with my impressions.

[ images © Bob Morrison ]

HAIX Nature (left) alongsideTactical 2.0
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