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GP B-Series PowerBank B20A


The GP B-Series B20A 20000mAh PowerBank is designed for more power, time and time again, for two devices, writes Mike Gormley.


Power, and by this I refer to electrical energy, is something we all need in ever-increasing amounts to keep our various devices up and performing as they should and as we need them.

The PowerBank B20A is robust and compact – seen here with the power button and indicator lights [©MG]

More and more of our everyday devices are rechargeable. From my point of view, this is a great thing as we are depending less and less on disposable batteries with the attendant cost and pollution considerations. With all this we need to have a rechargeable power pack that will not only cope with multiple phone re-charges but also one that can deal with tablets, GPS devices, watches, torches and so on.

GP Batteries offer a significant selection of PowerBanks, from quite small day to day ones up to the type of unit featured here. These units attracted my attention as I am involved with the Ten Tors event, held on Dartmoor every year. For my part, I help with the training of the teams for one school. This can mean having up to 60 young folk and perhaps 20 adults out on the moors during our numerous training activities.

The B20A is able to charge two phones of any make via its dual USB ports [©MG]

Mobile phones have become a feature of our safety back-up, alongside radios. Probably all of those out there have a phone. Clearly there are limitations and one of these is battery life. This especially so if we are out for two days and camping overnight. Most mobiles struggle to last a full two days, especially if used. As ever with items like this, it is at the end of the day that things go wrong when you need them most, so the last thing you need is to be short of power. The ability to re-power the device could just be a lifesaver.

The B20A 20000mAh model is able to recharge two devices at the same time and has capacity to fully re-power several phones or a combination of devices. When out on multi-day training all our teams have one of these to make sure they always have comms, if the need arises.

[ images © Mike Gormley ]

Showing off a bit here with eight PowerBanks charging up the team leaders’ phones during a Ten Tors training weekend [©MG]
The PowerBank can also be used on the move if need be [©MG]
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