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SNUGPAK Journey Quad Tent

As the name suggests the Journey Quad is a four-man tent and part of SNUGPAK’s expanding range of tents and shelters, writes Mike Gormley.


This is notably one of SNUGPAK’s range adding a civilian side to their line-up of green tents. I took this as my ‘home from home’ on Dartmoor recently and it was only for ME, so there was plenty of space. A feature vociferously noted by my camping friends!

The main door is large as is the operating space – very good for inclement weather – you can also see the vent and side door [©MG]

It was an interesting evening to pitch a large tent, for the first time, on my own. It was the tail end of Storm HANNA so not a wise decision, but I proved it could be done. Once up I had a manor house to live in. At 5.4kg, I was pleased I did not have to carry it too far to camp. That said, it would divide up quite well for a team of four.

The Journey Quad has a good sleeping space and a very generous living area to store kit and to do your admin in. This tent can be pitched fly first. It can also be left with the inner and outer fixed together to if you need to get this pitched as quick and easily as possible, you can. There are just three colour-coded poles fitted to the outside so simple enough.

The Journey Quad packs down well into the supplied compression bag – note the SNUGPAK mugs for scale [©MG]

This tent comes with its own ‘footprint’ so you have ground cover in the ‘ops room’ as well as protecting the inner’s ground sheet. The Quad has a main front door as well as a side door in the living compartment so as to adjust for wind and it generally makes life more convenient. There is also good provision for ventilation.

All in all this is a good and useful tent from SNUGPAK. The only thing I don’t like are the supplied pegs which are not very hand friendly – and which I would change so no big deal really – but they did put up with a very windy, tent-flapping night on which a number of other colleagues’ tents had poles fail.

[ images © Mike Gormley ]

Looking in through the large entrance with supplied footprint and on into the sleeping area – note the rear vent and fixings for the inner [©MG]
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