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SOTO Cook Set ~ Thermostack Combo

The full Thermostack set ready to go - note also SOTO petrol stove which is good in cold conditions [©MG]

For a carry weight of just over 300g and pack size of 10x13cm here you have a cook set with mugs that will also contain your cooker – not bad really, writes Mike Gormley.


This is quite a new addition to the SOTO range and for me it is a little gem. I have known SOTO for some years now and quite recently New Heights took over their UK distribution. SOTO really do engineer their products and it shows. They set out to gain the maximum for the end user for every product.

This is all it is when packed away [©MG]

The Thermostack has a lot packed into its small size. I suggest you look at the photos and the website (newheights.co.uk) as I really do not have the space for enough words to explain it all. I have been out on Dartmoor a couple of times recently with this and can confirm it will do all you need for a lightweight trip or a day out. It is fine for a two man exped, if you can be a little patient – able to warm up heat-in-the-bag meals and produce hot water for freeze-dried… and for that ever essential hot brew.

All this, apart from the gas, stacks inside itself [©MG]

The design is simple but clever. You get potentially three mugs, so good if you get guests. Or you have two insulated ones. The larger (750ml) using the outer cover/carry bag and the second (400ml) by fitting one container into the other, which has a seal. Two of these have measuring marks on the inside for gauging water for your dehydrated meals. All these have rolled rims so are pleasant to use as well as keeping your brew warm and not burning your mouth / hands. I found an added use for the insulated outer cover. Once your boil in the bag meal is ready you can put it in the outer cover so you can eat in comfort with out playing the juggler trying to protect you hands and get a hot meal. All this as your water is kept warm for the follow up pud or brew. All saves time and valuable fuel.

The two mugs with tops [©MG]

There are two lids. These are multi-functional as well. Sealed to the container to prevent leaks and dribbles, but also allow for drink-through and straining if you are cooking your pasta in the pot and, of course, closures for packing away. A handy little tool is provided to both remove the tops and to handle the pots when hot. This stores inside. This set is also able to store one of SOTO’s small stoves, so you have a full set fully contained in the pack with only the gas carried independently.

As this cook set is principally made from Titanium and Stainless Steel it should last you for many an expedition as well as for days out. An excellent bit of kit, in my view.

[images © Mike Gormley ]

A boil-in-the-bag meal will adequately fit into the larger pot – the stove used here is the SOTO Micro Regulator [©MG]
The outer insulated cover also works well as a holder for hot meals [©MG]
The Thermostack Combo is perfect for a family day out when a brew and hot meal are needed [©MG]
All done after I prepared a hot meal and brew for the family on Dartmoor using the Thermostack [©MG]
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