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Liquitainers ~ Water Containers From SOURCE

As we so well know, water is an essential element for whatever we do, including for life itself, and keeping your drinking and food preparation water supply fresh and readily available is important, if not critical writes Mike Gormley.


As I compose this, we are in the midst of some very hot weather here in UK, so drinking water is even more important, whatever the activity. I, as well as my sons and some friends, have used SOURCE equipment for many years and have grown to know that they do precisely what they say they do and that’s keep water fresh and clean, even over long periods.


4-Litre Container – easy fill design means it can be filled from a river or other local source

SOURCE use a very special material which is ultra-smooth and ‘glass like’ so does not allow bacteria and other ‘nasties’ to attached themselves and therefore contaminate the water. I accidentally proved this by leaving water in my SOURCE WXP reservoir for several months – not advised but it did prove a point as it was fine and, dare I say, drinkable. This has not been the case in some other reservoirs I have used.


The 4-Litre Container is easy to pour from and can be held or hung by the supplied strap

Recently I have been using two Liquitainers, a 1-Litre Bottle and a 4-Litre Container, the latter more for camp and bulk resupply which I was doing for groups walking out on Bodmin Moor on a hot day last week. This one can be hung or held and the tap makes it easy to use to refill other drink containers or fill pots.


The 1-Litre Bottle (a 2-Litre is also available) is both a drink from rehydration unit and good for pouring. There is a self seal valve so drip-free in use. There is a click closure cap to keep it free of dirt sand dust. The whole cap unscrews for easy filling.


1-Litre Bottle and 4-Litre Container SOURCE Liquitainers

Both Liquitainers are flexible and so fold flat or reduce in size as the water is used. This also makes them ideal to carry with you empty to fill later, perhaps to camp, and not take up four litres of space in the backpack. Each is designed to stand up when full. The 4-Litre Container has a fully opening top for both easy fill and cleaning.


I also used both of these Liquitainers on a recent camp on Dartmoor and they will no doubt be with me on future expeditions.

{ Images © Mike or Jean Gormley }

My recent Dartmoor camp where I used a 4-Litre Liquitainer for my water supply – midges don’t show in the photo!

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