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Tilley T3 Wanderer Hat

The Tilley T3 Wanderer on Bodmin Moor [© JG]

Just to put one myth to bed at the start, Tilley Hats are not just for pensioner ramblers, writes Mike Gormley.


For the record, I got my first Tilley a good handful of years ago on the recommendation of my eldest son Bruce before we headed off to do the Everest Base Camp Trek. Bruce by then had taken his faithful Tilley on many world travels, including on a previous trip we had done together.

From Everest I was hooked, and my original Tilley has been on most of my adventures ever since. Indeed it has often been seen in a cameo role in many reviews I have done over the years. The T3 Wanderer is very aptly named and is a new variant in the significant range now available from Tilley Endurables, which is on its own a very apt name.

One point here. Your Tilley Hat carries a lifetime guarantee. Bruce eventually made use of this facility when years and miles of sweat got the better of the head band. A Tilley should be washed often, they are easy to keep clean and dry quickly and retain shape. The new T3 Wanderer model is of similar design to my earlier hat but has a brim that can be snapped up on either or both sides if you wish. There are two adjustable cords to prevent your Tilley getting blown away if such conditions prevail.

The hat is made from robust cotton and, with reasonable care, will put up with a life’s worth of adventures. I know mine will accompany me on anything from a trip out on a boat – Tilleys float, just in case – down to the pub or to somewhere a bit more adventurous. It also gets to be a bit of a signature item and I find I am expected to have it with me. You sort of join a club when you wear a Tilley Hat.

All Tilley Hats are made in Canada and well able to protect the wearer from sun and rain. They have a pocket in the crown in which to store things and where the floatation pad lives. The T3 Wanderer is available in Navy, Olive, Tan or Rust. These hats are made for both male and female and sizing is important.

A picture that makes me proud – myself with my two sons – Bruce and I are wearing our Tilley hats and behind us is Mount Everest [© MG]

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