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HAIX CONNEXIS Safety+ GTX LTR Mid (left) Low models in Coyote Tan [© Bob Morrison]

The CONNEXIS Safety+ GTX LTR low and mid-height footwear models from HAIX are primarily in the safety rather than military category, writes Bob Morrison.


The two HAIX CONNEXIS Safety+ footwear models shown here, which were recently displayed at the MiliPol 2023 homeland security expo in Paris, instantly caught my attention because of their unusual tensioning design. From company literature, the HAIX CONNEXIS System design incorporates a “special tape that specifically stimulates the fasciae [i.e. dense fibrous connective tissue] in the foot and thus has an anti-fatigue effect on the entire musculoskeletal system”. In my book, anything that can relieve tired feet just has to be a good thing; though as yet I have not had the chance to try out CONNEXIS to verify the claims.

Normally we do not pay too much attention to the safety boot and shoe sector in this section of J-F, as run-of-the-mill metal toecap footwear which can trigger mines and IEDs (improvised explosive devices) is usually avoided like the plague by most soldiers. However not only is the HAIX CONNEXIS Safety+ range completely metal-free, with a nano-carbon protective toecap, but this footwear also has a protective non-ferrous throughsole (or mid-sole) which, like a ‘punji plate’ in a classic jungle boot, is intended to protect against penetration by sharp objects. As the two models shown here are available in Coyote Tan (some other colours are available) and have a Gore-Tex breathable and waterproof membrane laminate I reckon they could be of interest to some of our military readers.

The uppers of both these SAFETY+ GTX LTR models are 2.0mm (min.) velour leather, with scuff-protection toe and heel panels. Collar and tongue areas are well padded for comfort. The Mid version has a shaft height of 14cm and the Low (or shoe) version measures 9cm. The waterproof, breathable and abrasion-resistant lining sock is the Gore-Tex Extended laminate. A medium width (red) moisture-wicking insole with heel cup is supplied as standard, but yellow (wide) or blue (narrow) HAIX Vario Wide versions can be separately ordered if required.

Both Mid and Low safety footwear models use the same HAIX composite sole unit [©BM]

The (EN ISO 20345:2011 conforming) composite rubber sole is said to have both high slip resistance and low wear due to its innovative construction. According to the technical data sheet, specially bevelled slats and round sole elements are said to offer “optimum grip as well as high agility and stable grip on smooth and wet surfaces”. Visually these HAIX branded soles are certainly a little different, but they still retain many of the Bavarian company’s design cues.

Insole removed to show CONNEXIS tensioning strap [©HAIX]

The CONNEXIS System strap is attached at the fourth lacing eyelet position on the inside of each foot and when the laces are tightened this has the effect of lifting the arch. Lace ends, plus the now familiar HAIX lace adjuster, tuck away into an asymmetric pocket on the tongue. I reckon it will be very interesting to see just how this system works after one has been foot-slogging for many hours carrying an operational load burden or pounding hard surfaces while urban patrolling. Maybe Santa will bring me a pair for Christmas?

Fourth inner lacing eyelet position replaced by CONNEXIS tape connector on the Low model ~ note also lace pocket at top of padded tongue [©BM]
Cutaway of the CONNEXIS Safety+ GTX to show nano-carbon toecap [©HAIX]

[images © Bob Morrison unless noted]


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