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New Danish Combat Boots Selected

Library image of Danish mechanised infantry, from the Jutland Dragoons, reinforcing NATO's north-eastern flank during a multinational exercise [© Bob Morrison]

After a long period of thorough tests the Danish Ministry of Defence (Forsvarsministeriet) DALO has signed new agreements on combat boots.


Press Release, Copenhagen, 22 June 2023: [auto-translated] After a long period of thorough tests carried out by the Armed Forces soldiers and appointed experts, FMI has signed new agreements on combat boots. Several of the winners are repeats from the past, but there are also a few new brands.

When the laces on the combat boots from 2024 have to be tightened, it will be on five different brands distributed over five different partial agreements. The Ministry of Defence’s Material and Procurement Agency has just signed new framework agreements for the supply of combat boots to the Armed Forces.

Seasoned Danish soldiers have over several months tested all boots that met the inevitable requirements – an important factor in the selection of new boots has been the feedback from these test participants [© Forsvarsministeriet]

There are a total of five different agreements, which are respectively:-

  • Combat Boot, Heavy
  • Combat Boot, Light
  • Combat Boot, Desert
  • Combat Boot, Jungle
  • Combat Boot, Cold Weather

Combat Boots, Heavy, can be purchased specifically in two different models, which must cover the needs of defence. One type from the English brand ALTBERG and one from the Spanish Iturri. Two types of the Light combat boot are also supplied, with the two German brands HAIX and Stumpp & Baier each supplying a model. The last three agreements, covering the more specialised combat boots, are supplied by two different contract winners, where the American company PTD with the brand AKU will supply Desert boots, and Iturri, in addition to the one Heavy combat boot, will also supply boots for the Jungle and Cold Weather configurations.

Combat Boot, Heavy models from Iturri and ALTBERG [© Forsvarsministeriet]

No two feet are alike: The boots are one of the most important components when it comes to a functional combat soldier. Therefore, prior to the upcoming framework agreement, there has been a great focus on testing the offered combat boots thoroughly before a final choice had to be made. In order to ensure that the Combat Boot System 2024 has boots for every foot for all kinds of tasks, an extensive end-user test has been carried out over the winter and spring of 2023. Here, seasoned soldiers from standing forces from the Army, the Special Forces and the Arctic Command as well as users from the Home Guard tested the many different boots that had successfully passed the initial evaluation, which ensured that all the tested boots comply with the essential requirements.

Subsequently, all results have been evaluated, and in this evaluation there has been a great focus on user influence and quality. Therefore, the soldiers from the end-user test evaluations have weighed very heavily in relation to the selection of the winners of the new boots.

Combat Boot, Light models from HAIX and Stumpp & Baier [© Forsvarsministeriet]

New allocation model: With the new agreements, the soldiers have a real choice between several types of combat boots. Both within the Heavy Combat Boot and the Light Combat Boot there is a marked difference between the two models, so there should be something for most feet.

As something new, most of the boots can be adjusted with different insoles, increasing the possibility of individual customisation of the boot, which can be adjusted with a thicker or thinner sole. In addition to greater comfort for users, this also means that, compared to before, boots in several widths of the same size do not have to be purchased, which is of course economically advantageous. In short; more combat boots, for the same money.

The new boots are expected to be delivered to the depots from February 2024.


Editor’s Footnotes:

  • Commenting on the contract award, Joe Sheehan at ALTBERG told JOINT-FORCES: “We were very pleased to be awarded the Danish military contract for a third time. Denmark was our first every military export contract and we have worked directly with the Danish armed forces for well over ten years. We feel the ALTBERG Military Ops boot is good improvement on the Defender boot we have been supplying previously, in terms of fit, range of motion, and forward flex, Having direct feedback from the Danish military has enabled us to produce a boot which we believe will serve the soldiers well in a wide range of conditions.”
  • When we last met, confidentiality clauses prevented HAIX representatives discussing the still pending Danish contract with us but now that DALO, the Danish MoD Acquisition & Logistics Organisation, has publicly released details of the awardees the company’s Head of International B2B Sales has told us: “HAIX continues it´s successful cooperation with the Danish Armed Forces by entering a four years contract about the supply of a new Combat Boot Light. The new model used by soldiers during patrols and formal service is a modified version of the popular and field approved HAIX Black Eagle Tactical model which provides low weight, optimal grip on slippery surfaces and a supportive climate system to provide good ventilation performance. The boot is designed in mid cut shape to meet the modern requirements regarding agility.”
  • There is still no news on publication of the long-delayed UK MoD Supply Of Combat Boots contract notice, announced two years ago on 24 June 2021 and which had an estimated publication date of 07 February 2022.
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