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HAIX Scout versus Nepal Pro

HAIX Nepal Pro (right) and HAIX Scout [© Bob Morrison]

It seems some of our friends in The Curragh are curious about how the HAIX Scout and Nepal Pro boots compare height-wise so asked us tonight if we had a comparison photo, writes Bob Morrison.


These two boots, which I have just quickly photographed, are both UK 10.5 / EU 45. The Scout is the lighter of the two and is slightly lower cut at the rear, as indeed are many of the newer generation boots being specified for troops likely to spend much of their operational day travelling in blast attenuated seats inside Protected Patrol Vehicles or Mechanised Infantry Vehicles. We are assured by those who should know that this lower cut of boot is part of measures to attempt to reduce certain injuries resulting from survivable mine or IED strikes but as we are not scientists, just humble scribbling snappers, we have to accept what they say.


Personally, I prefer the slightly lower cut of the Scout – it appears half an inch really does make a difference! Both boot models are currently on issue to NATO troops on operational deployment.


Note to self: In future don’t get involved in a discussion on CKC just before dinner :/

HAIX Nepal Pro (left) and HAIX Scout [© Bob Morrison]

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