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NORDIC RESPONSE 24 ~ Finnish and Swedish Marines

Finnish and Swedish Marines [© NATO Multimedia]

Finnish and Swedish Marines practise amphibious operations with other NATO Allies in northern Norway in preparation for NORDIC RESPONSE 24.


Swedish and Finnish Marines launched amphibious operations from a US Navy warship in the Norwegian Arctic as they were getting ready for exercise NORDIC RESPONSE 2024, which is part of NATO’s major exercise STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024.

Two CB-90 fast assault boats from the Swedish Navy’s Amphibious Corps transported a Finnish Marine rifle company and a detachment of Swedish Marines to the rocky shores of Tovik, near Harstad. They were based on USS Gunston Hall, a US Navy Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship capable of hosting boats and amphibious vehicles in the vast, floodable ‘well deck’, which makes up most of its interior. A platoon of French Marines and a handful of Italian Marines were also based on USS Gunston Hall, and participated in the joint training with the Swedish and Finnish troops.

During the exercise, USS Gunston Hall and its embarked Allied Marine Forces will operate in the fjords near Alta, as part of an Amphibious Task Group led by the Italian Navy landing assault helicopter ship Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Finnish and Swedish Marines practise amphibious operations [© NATO Multimedia]

This NATO Multimedia footage, filmed last week and released yesterday, includes: shots of Swedish CB-90s transporting troops to shore; Finnish Marines conducting a patrol; Italian Navy helicopters sling-loading a Finnish snow mobile to a drop zone; joint training conducted by Swedish and Italian Marines; and interviews with Swedish and Finnish officers.

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ Swedish Marine CB-90 fast assault boats moving through fjord near Harstad, Norway
  • 00:10 ~ CB-90 crew members
  • 00:25 ~ CB-90 moving through fjord
  • 00:35 ~ CB-90s moving through fjord
  • 00:44 ~ CB-90 conducting ‘combat crash’ manoeuvre
  • 00:49 ~ CB-90 conducting ‘combat crash’ manoeuvre
  • 00:58 ~ Swedish flag flying on back of CB-90
  • 01:01 ~ Swedish Marines preparing to board CB-90s on board USS Gunston Hall
  • 01:11 ~ US Navy sailor guides CB-90s to USS Gunston Hall
  • 01:14 ~ Swedish Marine standing in ship as Finnish soldiers board CB-90s
  • 01:18 ~ Finnish Marines boarding CB-90
  • 01:23 ~ Swedish Marines preparing night vision optics inside CB-90
  • 01:28 ~ Swedish flag patch
  • 01:30 ~ Swedish Marine exiting CB-90
  • 01:33 ~ Finnish Marines exiting CB-90s on rocky shore
  • 01:52 ~ Finnish Marines moving on skis
  • 02:02 ~ Swedish Marine keeping a look out as troops move in background
  • 02:07 ~ Italian Navy eh-101-410 merlin helicopter in flight
  • 02:12) Italian joint terminal attack controller (JTAC)
  • 02:19 ~ Italian JTACs talking to Finnish Marines and preparing to land aircraft
  • 02:28 ~ Merlins on approach carrying Finnish snow mobile in sling load
  • 02:37 ~ Merlins on approach
  • 02:46 ~ Finnish Marine starting snow mobile and driving away
  • 02:53 ~ Swedish Marine watching CB-90s approach
  • 02:58 ~ Swedish Marines boarding CB-90s
  • 03:02 ~ Finnish Marines boarding CB-90s
  • 03:06 ~ Swedish Marine closing hatches on CB-90
  • 03:10 ~ Swedish Marine in gun turret of CB-90 with USS Gunston Hall in background
  • 03:16 ~ CB-90s entering USS Gunston Hall
  • 03:36 ~ Swedish Marine fire support team conducting integration training with Italian JTACs and fire support Marines
  • 04:14 ~ CB-90s approaching USS Gunston Hall
  • 04:28 ~ flood gate opening on USS Gunston Hall
  • 04:31 ~ US Navy sailor waving green flag
  • 04:36 ~ CB-90s entering USS Gunston Hall
  • 04:55 ~ CB-90s sitting in drained well deck of Gunston Hall
  • 04:59 ~ soundbite Swedish Amphibious Corps Captain Sjöström, 1st Marine Regiment, Swedish Navy
  • 05:21 ~ soundbite Swedish Amphibious Corps Captain Sjöström
  • 05:44 ~ soundbite Swedish Amphibious Corps Captain Sjöström
  • 06:03 ~ soundbite Finnish Navy Major Bjørn Røberg, Nyland Brigade
  • 06:13 ~ soundbite Finnish Navy Major Bjørn Røberg
  • 06:25 ~ soundbite Finnish Navy Major Bjørn Røberg


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