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DRAGON 2024 ~ NATO Allies Crossing of the Vistula

The unique German - British Amphibious Engineer Battalion 130 equipped with M3 rigs facilitated thousands of NATO troops and their equipment to cross the River Vistula during DRAGON 2024 / STEADFAST DEFENDER [Crown Copyright: Cpl Danielle Dawson]

NATO Allies demonstrate strengthened deterrence and defence with a crossing of the Vistula during the Polish-led DRAGON 2024 exercise.


NATO Allies France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Türkiye, the United Kingdom and the United States conducted a crossing of the Vistula river near Korzeniewo, Poland. The river-crossing was part of Exercise DRAGON 2024, a Polish-led multinational exercise, involving 20,000 soldiers from 10 countries, including 15,000 soldiers from the Polish Armed Forces.

Spanish and Polish Leopards, French Leclercs, US Army Abrams and other military vehicles from Türkiye and Slovakia line up before boarding amphibious rigs to cross the Vistula [NATO photo: Edouard Bocquet]

Exercise DRAGON falls under STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024 – NATO’s largest exercise in decades. STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024 is testing the Alliance’s new regional defence plans with forces practising rapid deployment and combat in both Norway and Poland. It is enabling Allies to demonstrate their ability to command and control large ground, air and sea forces across significant distances, within the Euro-Atlantic area.

STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024 involves 90,000 forces from all 32 Allies including new NATO Ally Sweden. It is conducted across various NATO countries and demonstrates the Alliance’s readiness to protect and defend every inch of Allied territory.

[© NATO Multimedia]

This NATO Multimedia footage, filmed a week ago and released on Friday, includes shots of Polish and Spanish Leopard tanks, US Abrams tanks, Turkish BMC Vuran, German Boxers and British Army Jackals using different types of amphibious assets to cross a river.

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ Wide wet river-crossing showing French amphibious rig with tanks crossing and driving onto land
  • 00:43 ~ German amphibious rig with Polish Leopard tanks crossing
  • 00:55 ~ German amphibious rig sailing across river to bank, British Army Jackal vehicles rolling off
  • 01:13 ~ German amphibious rig sailing across river, tanks rolling off
  • 01:37 ~ German amphibious rig sailing across river
  • 02:20 ~ American and British flag on amphibious rig
  • 02:22 ~ British Army troops on an amphibious rig
  • 02:50 ~ British Army Jackal vehicles rolling off amphibious rig
  • 03:01 ~ US Abrams tank rolling onto land off rig
  • 03:03 ~ Spanish leopard tank and Turkish BMC Vuran rolling off rig onto land
  • 03:27 ~ US Abrams tank and Spanish Leopard tanks rolling off rigs onto land


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