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UNION COURAGE – 2022 ~ Russian Marines In Belarus

Russian Eastern Military District Marines in Southern Belarus on the joint exercise UNION COURAGE - 2022 [©Russian Federation MoD]

During UNION COURAGE – 2022, the Marines of the [Russian] EMD worked out blocking and destruction of groups of illegal armed formations.


Press Release, Moscow, 14 February 2022: At the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground, during the joint Russian – Belarusian exercise UNION COURAGE 2022, Marine units of the Eastern Military District (EMD) worked out the detection, blocking and destruction of illegal armed formations in urban conditions. To ensure the combat training event, facilities simulating city buildings and structures were equipped at the training ground.

[© Russian Federation MoD]

In addition, the servicemen worked out the identification of potential places for the installation of traps and improvised explosive devices, covert movement as part of groups. Finally, the Marines performed live firing. When masking firing positions, special attention was paid to the skilful use of improvised means.

Source: Russian Federation MoD Directorate of Media Service and Information


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