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Russian CBR Troops Live-Fire Shmel Thermobaric Weapons

Firing the RPO-A Shmel [© Russian Federation MoD]

The Russian Federation MoD has released a set of images of CBR troops in Primorye live-firing RPO-A Shmel (Bumblebee) thermobaric weapons.


Russian EMD Press Release, 19 March 2021: [auto-translated] Troops of the Chemical Biological And Radiation (CBR or РХБ ) protection regiment of the Combined-Arms Army of the Eastern Military District (Восточного военного округа or ВВО) in Primorye, as part of the field exit of the CBR protection units, defeated a simulated enemy using hand-held Shmel (Bumblebee) flamethrowers*. Combat firing took place at the Sergeevsky training ground in the Primorsky Territory.

In the course of practical firing, the servicemen prepared flamethrowers for live fire, identified targets and destroyed them. This live-fire exercise for military personnel drafted in the fall of 2020 was the first this year. Previously, the servicemen trained in practical reconnaissance of targets, determining ranges to them in difficult hilly terrain.

Field training will last for another two weeks, during which they will continue to improve their skills in performing live firing with the RPO Shmel at targets imitating lightly armored vehicles of a conventional enemy at ranges up to 600 metres.

Source: Press Service of the Russian Federation Eastern Military District

*Editor’s Comment: The RPO-A Shmel is a shoulder-launched thermobaric weapon used primarily for bunker-busting which the Russian MoD classes to be a flamethrower.

[image © Russian Federation MoD]
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