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SABER GUARDIAN 2019 Ramps Up In Romania

Patriot missile being fired during a live-fire exercise at Capu Midia on the Black Sea coast on 19th June [US Army: Sgt Savannah Lang]
The final phase of SABER GUARDIAN 2019, an exercise co-led by the Romanian Joint Force Command and US Army Europe, in now well underway In Romania.


Taking place until 24th June at various locations in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, SABER GUARDIAN 2019 (SG19) is designed to improve the integration of multinational combat forces.

A 30mm Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle – Dragoon escorted by the Romanian Military Police conducting a tactical road march on Friday evening [US Army: Lt. Ellen C. Brabo]

Last weekend 1st Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the US Army conducted a tactical road march from Arad to Cincu in Romania and on Monday [17th] the regiment prepared base defence on Cincu Training Area before being resupplied by airdrop. Yesterday, Tuesday, they undertook multinational training with Romanian troops at Iacobeni, and today US and Romanian troops undertook a live-fire exercise at Capu Midia, on the Black Sea coast, where various air defence systems including Patriot were fired.

We hope to bring readers more on this major exercise over the next few days.

Soldiers from the 2d Cavalry Regiment prepare base defence on Cincu Training Area, June 17th [US Army: Sgt Savannah Lang]
Equipment resupply drop at Cincu from a C-130 Hercules with D-Day invasion bands [US Army: Sgt Richard Wooten]
Romanian Soldiers ride through the training area on their APV while conducting a multinational training exercise on 18th June [US Army: Sgt Savannah Lang]

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