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TRJE18 ~ The Snowy Road To Folldal

[© BM]

Today, D+2, the North Forces participating on TRJE18 set their sights on the village of Folldal and its defenders from the Italian-led NATO brigade, writes Bob Morrison.


By daybreak today (Friday) elements of the North (Yellow) Force amphibious task group had cleared through the town of Oppdal and were gearing up to advance southwards along the Drivdalen Valley in the direction of Hjerkinn in an attempt to catch the South Force’s Italian-led Brigade in a pincer movement. Simultaneously, a North (Red) Force battlegroup advanced in parallel southwards from Berkak along the Orkdalen Valley in the direction of Alvdal as the second arm of the pincers.


Awaiting the attackers, in wild and snowy mountainous terrain somewhere west of Foldall a South Force battlegroup consisting of Spanish and Slovenian mechanised infantry supported by Spanish main battle tanks prepared to block and delay the North Force amphibious task group. In the forests to the north of Alvdal, Italian Paratroopers stoutly defended against the advancing North (Red) Force light role infantry group.


To try to understand how the battle is evolving we earlier undertook a 240 kilometre circular recce, in rather atrocious weather, crossing the frontline twice in opposite directions and photographing some of the participants. Once TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018 (TRJE18) is finished we will try to provide readers with an overview of the entire exercise.

{ images © Bob Morrison }

USMC artillery set up in a gun line just outside the captured town of Oppdal [© BM]

USMC Humvee on overwatch of the key E6 highway [© BM]

South Force Spanish Leopardo MBT guarding a vital road pass in the mountains [© BM]

Italian armoured LINCE utility vehicle pass a Spanish Pizarro IFV [© BM]

A Slovenian infantry company is attached to the Spanish battlegroup component of the Italian-led Brigade[© BM]

On my return leg I bumped into these Canadian and Italian troops who earlier in the day had been on opposing sides of the battle [© BM]




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