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Latvia Signs HIMARS Agreement

Library image of a US Army HIMARS, October 2022 [© Bob Morrison]

Latvia and the US sign an agreement on delivery of six HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems) produced by Lockheed Martin.


Press Release, Riga, 28 December 2023: Ministry of Defence and US government have signed an agreement for purchase of six HIMARS high-mobility artillery rocket systems produced by a US manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

“The US and Latvia have signed an agreement on supply of HIMARS artillery rocket systems and ammunition. The total contractual amount will reach USD 179.8 million. National Armed Forces (NAF) will also receive long-range precision rockets ATACMS that will further enhance firepower of NAF. This is another important step towards stronger strategic partnership between the United States and Latvia, which will also contribute to development of NATO’s collective defence capabilities,” Defence Minister Andris Sprūds underlined.

“I am confident HIMARS systems will be crucial in deterring aggression and ensuring national defence of Latvia. It will send a clear signal to all potential aggressors that the United States and Latvia will stand by joint commitment to defend every square inch of NATO’s territory,” US Ambassador Christopher Robinson underlined.

HIMARS is a high-precision artillery rocket system with a proven range of up to 300 kilometres. It uses ATACMS rockets that will also be supplied in scope of the agreement. In addition, NAF will also receive relevant training, ammunition and other equipment required to make full use of HIMARS functionality for the benefit of Latvia’s defence.

Decision to acquire HIMARS was inter alia based on strategic use of HIMARS artillery systems during Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is envisaged that the delivery of HIMARS high mobility rocket systems to Latvia will begin in 2027.

This year Latvia started an unprecedented defence investment programme to strengthen its capabilities, including procurement of IRIS-T air defence systems and Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defence Systems.

Library image of a US Army HIMARS in travel configuration, October 2022 [© Bob Morrison]


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